Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shoes box >> Nicely Decorated Storage box

I'm sure most of you have your own collection of nice shoes right?? So as the boxes right? Sometimes you plan to keep the box just incase you want to use keep the shoes inside the box. But it ended up with a stack of empty boxes in your store room!!

Why don't you create your own storage box using those boxes. At least you can keep your belongings in it and nicely stack in your closet.

Materials needed :-

* Shoes box
* Construction colour paper
* String
* Embelishments

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Aquarium

Art & craft workshop during school holiday

This is for "underwater world" topic. This idea was originally from me and my husband. I was requested to make an aquarium craft during the school holiday program. I wanted the children to really excited having their own aquarium that they can see through and the fish that can moves.

Materials :-

A4 Clear Plastic (normally used for OHP Projecter or for binding cover)
Fish paper cuts
Plants paper cuts
Satay stick
A print out of the any background or you can paint it blue

Monday, February 27, 2012

Teaching Aids - Body Parts

I came out with this idea as I want the children to memorize all the body parts and the words in a fun way. No more boring teaching technique! Hihihihi....This is a hands-on activity where kids get to participate in the class instead of just sit and listen to what the teacher says.

I used velcro at each of the words. Teachers can ask the children to place the correct words accordingly. Perhaps you can have a pop quiz where the highest point will get a small token from teacher..! Yippee..!!!

Flash cards




Simple flash cards can be very useful for teaching the children about many things such as colours, shapes, taste, transportations, etc. It is more effective if you do it in one-to-one session.

- Use a white A4 size card
- Draw an attractive pictures and relevant to the subject/topic.
- Colour nicely (colour pencils/magic pen) and write down the word.
- Then, laminate the whole surface of each crads using the big cellophane tape.

You can save a lot (instead of laminate using the laminate film which is very expensive) and last long.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Use recyclable items to create new crafts

For teachers, please do not throw away the recyclable stuffs. You can use it for crafts. Its not necessary to buy new material to make crafts. Things that you can keep are :-

* Tissue roll
* Tin can
* Ice-cream stick
* Straw
* Cereal boxes
* Satay sticks
* Glass bottle with lid
* Plastic cups (normally u find this when u buy Ice-blended drinks or Slurpee...hihi)
* Egg carton
* Cake boxes

and many more....

Think of crafts that can use all the above materials and add with paint or decoration items to make it more nicer.