Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tin Can Craft - Pencil Holder

What can you do with this recyclable tin can? My first idea is to make a pencil holder and nicely decorated with your own creativity.

I used the colour construction paper to cover the whole surface. Don't forget to cover the inside of the tin can to avoid any finger cuts.

Done! Use your own creativity to decorate the surface. You can use tempera paint, crayons, stickers, ribbons, etc to decorate the surface.

For younger age, perhaps its more easier if they decorate the surface by using the finger paint technique. Much more faster and easier. Palm print also nice for younger toddler.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Pineapple Costume

I will never forget this project. We (my hubby & I) came out with this idea at a very last minute. It happened when my son told us that he and all his classmate were required by their English teacher to create any fruit costume that can be worn for their English week drama.

The worst part was...he only told us at 10pm!!!! And he needs to bring the costume the next morning! Arghhh..!!

Luckily I have all the art stuff at home and both of us (me & hubby) are from the arts background. So, we had a crazy short discussion in tense of course...hihihi... At last, this is what we did within 1 1/2 hours with helps from my mom and my daughter.

We only used the recycle box and construction colour paper. The folding part that make it looks real like a real pineapple.

You know what happened when my son brought the pineapple costume to school? His costume had won the best costume and his teacher asked for permission to keep it in school. Teachers were very impressed with the artwork. Not bad huh..?? We didn't believe it too...

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Early Preparation

Sometimes preparation for art & craft classes can be very tense as a lot of preparation need to be done. I would suggest you to prepare earlier some cut outs that you going to use quite often. Such as eyes, flowers, mouth, butterfly, hair, etc.

So, what I normally do is...I will prepare earlier and keep it in the above storage container. Don't throw away the balance of the paper as you can use it for collage technique. You can save a lot not only financially but also your precious time!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Pencil Holder (Collage technique)

Materials :-

Tissue roll
Hard board (cut into square)
Colour construction paper
PVA glue

- Stick the tissue roll on the cardboard.
- Use the construction paper and use the collage technique on the whole surface.
- Wait till it dry
- Decorate with glitters glue or other decor.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hand Fan for Mother's Day

Materials :-

Hard Board (White)
Tempera Paint

How to do it :-

- Cut the board into any shape that you want.
- Get the children to blow the colourful paints using the straw technique
- The children can write down the special message for their mothers at the other surface of the fan.
- You can also use the Crepe paper for decorations.

My Own Notice Board

Materials :-

Recyclable box (cut into A4 size)
Paper plate
UHU glue

- Get the children to decorate the board. Use their own creativity. Can use tempera paint or magic colour or crayon.
- Decorate the paper plate and the pegs as well.
- Use double sided tape or UHU glue to stick the paper plate and the pegs.
- Make 2 holes on top of the board and tie up the string.
- Don't forget to place the notebook and pencil/pen inside the paper plate.
- Write any notes and clip the paper at the pegs so that others can read your notes there.

Good luck!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shoes box >> Nicely Decorated Storage box

I'm sure most of you have your own collection of nice shoes right?? So as the boxes right? Sometimes you plan to keep the box just incase you want to use keep the shoes inside the box. But it ended up with a stack of empty boxes in your store room!!

Why don't you create your own storage box using those boxes. At least you can keep your belongings in it and nicely stack in your closet.

Materials needed :-

* Shoes box
* Construction colour paper
* String
* Embelishments

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Aquarium

Art & craft workshop during school holiday

This is for "underwater world" topic. This idea was originally from me and my husband. I was requested to make an aquarium craft during the school holiday program. I wanted the children to really excited having their own aquarium that they can see through and the fish that can moves.

Materials :-

A4 Clear Plastic (normally used for OHP Projecter or for binding cover)
Fish paper cuts
Plants paper cuts
Satay stick
A print out of the any background or you can paint it blue