Sunday, May 13, 2007

7 days chart

This is my own creation as I've got this idea when I have difficulties to get the children to memorize those 7 days in one week. So, I come out with this chart as the children will get familiar with the name of each days as the pencil board will change place everyday.

It is very effective and once they familiar with the name of the days, they will even help you to change the place if you forget. Trust me! It happenned to me. Hehehe....

Transportation mobile

There are 3 items in the art work. Car, car steering and road. For car, I used a piece of paper plate and cut out into car shape. Add in the paper cut for windows, lights, bumper and tyres. Use black marker to draw the outline.
For road, I used a piece of used manila card. I asked the children to tear the black sugar paper into small pieces and paste it on the manila card. Once it dry, use liquid paper for the road line.
For steering, I also used recycle manila card or hard paper and cut into steering shape. Do the same thing as the road and finalised it with draw the outline using the liquid paper.
Make it as a mobile and hang it in your classroom or in your children's room.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Counting Tree

Material used :-
* Mounting Board
* Colour paper
* Colour pencils, magic colour or crayon
* Transparent plastic and tape
Prepare tree shape using colour paper and do some colouring to make it looks nicer. Paste on the board and cover with plastic ( to make it long lasting ). For oranges or any other fruits, use colour paper (to save more time) and cut out into the shape. Then I used cellophane tape to laminate the fruits instead of spending much money to send for lamination. Use velcro on the tree and at the back of the fruit.
This teaching aid can be used to train the kids on counting as a beginning in Mathematics. It can be effective as the kid can participate by putting up or take out the fruits as instructed.

Pencil Holder

I used it from the centre of tissue roll. The children coloured around the roll paper and I just did a little touch up like eyes, nose and mouth (I draw and cut out the shapes). And for hair, I just used green paper and cut it as grass.
We did this during the week of Love The Nature. So, instead of using the real sand and grass to avoid messy and dirty all around them during the class session, I substitute with the above items. You can do for your kids at home too so that they will not keep on asking where to find their pencils in their messy room. Hahaha!!!